About Us

Fetch Recruiting is a So Cal focused boutique technical recruiting firm.  Fetch combines a nearly-embarrassing number of years of experience with both technology and recruiting to bring our clients targeted candidates.  Our focus is technical, but we also work on the peripheral roles that touch technology.  Our mission is to maximize the hit ratio, and minimize the sleaze.  With integrity and ethics leading the way, Fetch’s goal is to form client and candidate partnerships with a long-term view.

Our key differentiators and goals include:

  • Plain and simple – match the right candidate with the right company.  Fetch is the anti-throw-paper-against-the-wall-and-hope-it-sticks agency.
  • Waste as little time and irritate people as little as possible.  We have guilt if we have the wrong candidate spend our client’s time unnecessarily, or vice versa.
  • Partner with clients and candidates – We are fair, reasonable and explicitly honest. Even if it hurts.  If you are a client, Fetch is the agency you call when you want some input on how to best structure your org chart, what the market is bearing for certain skill sets, or how many resources you need to staff up a project. If you are a candidate, Fetch is the agency you call for advice on your resume, salary negotiation or the state of the market.
  • Our philosophy is that if you do the job right, the rest will follow. If you have a long-term view, you will prosper. And if you have a What-Comes-Around-Goes-Around attitude, you will succeed. Simply put, Fetch will never put our own needs first. Recruiting is about people making the best decision for themselves, their company/careers and their families. We will never lose sight of that.
  • Fetch only works with clients and candidates that value our service.
  • Fetch is a compassionately-run company that values individuality, equality and flexibility for people to blend work and life.
  • We are lean and mean by design. We are very particular about the level of service we provide and we are sort of control freaks about maintaining that.  Instead of looking for people out of the bullpen agencies, where the objective is to hit some meaningless number of calls per day, we hire characteristics. Keen intuition, a natural curiosity about what makes a person tick, rock solid ethics, the ability to juggle a million balls concurrently (with a smile) along with a fascination with the wide world of technical acronyms. When we need recruiting support above and beyond our killer internal staff, we reach out to a very tried, true and tested network of partner recruiters that can back us up.
  • We are also dog freaks. Fetch Recruiting. Get it?




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