Beyond the Pool Table

I don’t think anyone is deluding themselves about the lack of available tech talent in LA anymore. The demand is huge (and growing) and the supply is lean, gainfully employed, and reticent to make a move in an uncertain market.

Back in the good old days – the last start up boom in the late 1900s (doesn’t that sound weird?), free snacks, a Nintendo and a pool table were about all it took to lure in the talent. Not so much in the startups of this century.

Here are some pointers to differentiate your company from the pack, get the good ones before they fly off the market, as well as to tap into hidden talent:

  • Cut out the phone screen. Get them in and make them fall in love before someone else does.
  • Xnay on the Technical TestingNay – well at least before you interview them. About 75% of candidates will just blow it (and your company) off if you don’t at least invest the time to speak with them first.
  • Make offers contingent on reference and/or background checks. Get the real deal in their hands and get a verbal acceptance as quickly as you can.
  • Don’t low ball. Really. I mean it.
  • Know your sell points – remember, it has to be above/beyond “we are cool, and have a pool table and free snacks.” Everyone is cool and has a pool table and free snacks. Points of interest:
    • Great investors and/or advisors
    • Bonus/incentive based on meeting objectives that land funding rounds
    • New development vs. maintenance
    • Benefits (as in, you should provide them)
    • Telecommute and/or flex hours

For more ideas, shoot me a note – happy to discuss.

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