Navigating Silicon Beach

I never really think of myself this way, but people keep telling me how well networked and entrenched I am in Silicon Beach’s burgeoning presence in So Cal.  And they want to know how I did it. I have built my network over many, many, many years, and I’m not sure there is any secret recipe.  Here are some suggestions if you are just starting to build up your network, or you want to expand it into the Silicon Beach space.

  • Meetups– there are tons of awesome meetups focused on Silicon Beach in general, as well as niches within the startup arena (whether technical or otherwise). In general, it’s a welcoming bunch. There are some very niche groups that are all business and very focused on a specific objective. But most seem social, open, friendly and happy to share their knowledge and insights. Two Fetch has been personally involved with include the following.
  • Eventbrite– ditto to above, just more business-focused.
  • SoCalTech – I highly recommend that you subscribe to Ben Kuo’s free daily SoCalTech newsletter (and no, not because we sponsor it). I have always been a big fan since it started – he provides a very easily digestible daily email on So Cal funding and start up news. There are usually related events listed, and some may be great networking events for you to attend.  You can also do a paid subscription to the SoCalTech site, and gain access to great databases of startup companies, people, funding, etc.
  • Startuply – free site for startup recruiting – different avenue to see who is doing what, lots of stealth mode hiring, etc.

Happy networking!


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