Boo – Interview Horrors

Having been in the recruiting business for over 13 years, I have seen my share of interview horrors (both from the clients and the candidates).   In the spirit of Halloween, I thought it only fitting that I share my favorites with you, which can also be read as a What-Not-To-Do list:


  • A long-ago client asked a candidate to handwrite a paragraph.   They then proceeded to send it to a particular Rabbi in Israel to have him analyze it as their final interview step. If the Rabbi nixed the person, they were out. Not lying.
  • A candidate showed up to an interview on time, great suit, prepared with portfolio, resume and a list of great questions. And his wife and brother. I guess he needed moral support.
  • Then there was the story of the candidate who forgot to shower. For about a week from the smell of it..
  • One of my favorite voicemails from a female client after completing an interview – “He started off by calling me ‘babe”. There is only one way it can go from there. Down.
  • One of my hiring managers fell asleep during an interview. Like asleep, asleep. Head tilted back, drool and all.


Happy Job Haunting!

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