Monthly Archives: June 2011

Miss Manners

I am lucky enough to interface with hundreds within LA’s tech space each month. And I’m thankful to report that most of them are considerate, professional, ethical and decent. But a minority have some room for improvement in the manners department. Trust me when I say this is a very small city, even if it does sometimes take an hour to go 2 blocks.  Pretty please with sugar on top, implement these basic tactics to show respect and professionalism for others. They are no brainers, low time investment and aside from making you an evolved member of LA’s professional space, will yield you a better reputation in our teeny, tiny City of Angels.

  • Return calls and emails. If you really don’t want to speak with the person live, call when you know you will get their voicemail. Send an email. Text a text. Message on Facebook. Anything other than silence.
  • Give and Take. You can’t just call when you need something. It’s got to be a two way street. Or the other party will remember it.
  • Allow closure. If you are a company passing on a candidate, please let them know. Even if it hurts. That’s the number one frustration I hear from candidates on the job hunt. They just want to know, even if it’s bad news.
  • Send thank you emails. It has not gone and never will go out of style.
  • Send thanks period. If someone does something for you, gives you information, takes the time to interact with you, appreciate it.
  • Never, ever, ever, ever be a no-show. We all have emergencies, but only in the most extreme cases are they such that you can’t lob a call or email or text to let the other person know.

These bullets are (or should be) common sense. That old Golden Rule is pretty darn sage. Follow it, and you will find that it’s easy, and takes little extra time. It will do your professional career wonders.